Liability Claims - Directors & Officers / Employment Practices - CACip

What to do if there is an employment practices claim:

  • Immediately notify us and provide the following information:
    • A copy of the Summons and Complaint/Cross-Compliant.
    • Demand Letters/Demand for Arbitration and other notices.
    • Indicate the date that each person/entity was served.
    • A detailed narrative memorandum of “what really happened” in chronological order. Tell us about any critical evidence that repudiates the plaintiff/claimant contentions.
    • Begin to gather transaction files in chronological order. This should include all documents, agreements, correspondence, notes, telephone logs, and any other information.

Please do not…

  • Ignore the claim or attempt to handle it yourself
  • Admit any liability, pay or agree to pay monies to other parties.
  • Agree to attend any meetings involving the other party
  • Assign your own attorney