About the Childrens Advocacy Center Insurance Program

Where do I find comprehensive coverage from someone that understands the CAC operations?”

The Childrens Advocacy Center insurance program is available exclusively to CACs. Inspired by presentations on the topics of insurance and risk management by member’s of the NCAC training faculty, CACip was developed with members of the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC) and experienced insurance professionals

CACip accomplishes all of these concerns.  Before CACip, the challenge to CAC directors has been to assemble a myriad of policies with various providers in order to prevent coverage “gaps”, but with no overlaps that run up the cost of insurance protection.  CACip efficiently addresses your insurance needs with a single point of accountability.

The CACip was created by:

  • David Harbarger, CIC:  has worked specifically insuring CACs for over ten years and a member of the NCAC training faculty for Insurance and Risk Management.
  • John Myatt, CIC, ARM:  over twenty years as an underwriter and a product developer specifically insuring childcare and non-profit organizations nationwide.
  • Ed Andrescavage, VP:  a career claims specialist with childcare and non-profit organizations.
  • Dan Niewoehner, CSP:  over twenty years providing loss control and risk management services.

The CACip brings this team of insurance professionals exclusively to CACs.